Harvest Right Scientific Freeze Dryer with Oil Free Pump - Large

Key Features & Benefits 

Convenience of 5-tray dryer in a table top unit. 

Large capacity — capable of freeze drying as much as a 3.5 to 4.0 gallons of material. 

Full-color, touch-screen display. 6-liter ice condensing capacity. 

Operation allows for recipe customization (up to 10 Thermal Treatment and 12 Drying steps). 

Control of the rate of freeze. This means that the rate of freeze can be speeded up or slowed down. 

Control of the ultimate final freeze temperature.

Control of the amount of time a material is held at the ultimate freeze temperature before the drying cycle is started. 

Control of the shelf temperature during the dry cycle. This includes setting as many as five different shelf temperatures, thus allowing the material to dry in phases, at different temperatures. For instance, you might have the material begin drying at 10ºF and increase the temperature in phases until the ultimate final dry temperature is 70ºF. 

The shelf heaters can be set to automatically control the rate of sublimation during the primary drying cycle. Through this process, the unit has control of the attendant vacuum pressure. 

The system records and maintains a log of the pressure and temperature during all parts of the freeze-dry cycle. 

Provides ongoing, real-time display of pressure and temperature. 

The unit can also connect to and communicate the freeze dryer cycle data to a nearby PC through an ethernet cable. 

Technical Specifications 

Item: Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer 

Style: Bench/Table Top 

Holding Capacity: 6 Liters of Sublimated Ice Min. 

Temp. Rating: Collector Cools to -46ºF Collector 

Material: Stainless Steel 

Drying Chamber: Included (Stainless Steel) 

Purge Valve: Included Voltage: 115 AMPS: AC20 

Dimensions: 32.5″ high x 25.5″ deep x 22.5″ wide 

Exterior: Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Aluminum 

Electronics: Includes a Full Color Touch Screen (4.3″ diagonal) 

Operation: Manual / Automated 

Vacuum Pump: 7 CFM Oil-Free Scroll

Vacuum Pump Shelf Unit Has shelves for 5 trays

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