Airpura UV614 Air Purifier With Superhepa Filter

Wake up fresh and full of energy, spend your day fully focused, and relax in the evening, breathing clean air in and out. Easy to move around and offering wider coverage, the Airpura UV614 is the best and affordable option for effective overall results.

POWERFUL ULTRAVIOLET BULBS:Airpura UV614 is equipped with powerful 20W UV bulbs that neutralize germs and pathogens of all kinds quickly and effectively. The dose is powerful enough to knock them out, leaving behind purified, clean air to breathe for good health.

WIDER COVERAGE:Just like powerful UV bulbs, the fan used is not any less than perfect. The incredibly fast spins cause the fan to dispense a whopping 560 cubic feet of air per minute through the 4-stage filtration mechanism to move clean air in about 2,000 square feet. More number of air exchanges per hour translates into even cleaner air for optimal breathing.

SUPERHEPA FILTER:While HEPA filter neutralizes 99.97% of all airborne particles, SuperHEPA takes it a step further and exceeds this standard by sterilizing 99.9% of them.

4-STAGE FILTRATION:Poly pre-filter to trap dust and hair. Activated Carbon Filter for absorbing all forms of household chemicals, smoke, odors and VOCs. SuperHEPA for 99.9% eradication of all airborne particles ≥ 0.1 microns. The final stage is a UV-C light filter.

EASY MAINTENANCE:The sleek machine is very easy to maintain and won’t need filter replacements until after 10000 hours or 5 years of use. UV614 is easy to fit and use in any living space.

Customer Reviews

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It's good

Great filter and relatively quiet for my dental office

No complaints

A great product. My thinking is to order another one

Jon Gabbrelli
Buy it

highly recommend this air purifier for anyone. Less dust, less allergies and danger. I feel amazing

Run it 24/7

I leave it running all day and it seems to be working great. Quiet