Airpura T600 DLX Air Purifier

Important! - The lead/delivery time for all Airpura units is approximately 4 weeks.

Airpura T600-DLX is the most effective air purifier against cigarette smoke. The ‘T’ in the model stands for “tars” or “tobacco smoke” and works incredible in smoking areas or in any other environment where odors and chemical vapors from other smoke sources are a major problem. It’s off-gassing proof, powder steel coated, and 93% recyclable. Comes with one pressure seal on top of the filter to ensure all dirty air goes through the filters before it’s ready for breathing. If you’re a cigarette smoker or have someone in your house who does it a lot, this is just for you. Make your surrounding air clean and pure to breathe NOW!

PRE-FILTER:Airpura T600-DLX works on a 3-stage filtration system, starting off with TarBarrier (a modified form of pre-filter) for protection of the main filter. It immediately traps large sized tars and other particles from the air. Can be vacuum-cleaned & should be changed every 1-3 months.

STRONG CARBON FILTER:At the heart of its 3-stage filtration system is the 26lbs of carbon, the main component for absorption of smoke from the air. It can suck in 4000 chemicals that make up the tobacco smoke as well as a variety of toxic chemicals, odors, and exhaust from the air to give you purified air to breathe for better well-being.

HEPA FILTER:Finally, a HEPA-Barrier filter is also provided for its top-notch 95% efficiency in removing toxins and other particles as small as 1 micron in size.

LARGE ROOM COVERAGE:With its big 560cfm CADR fan power, and 360 degrees airflow distribution, any room can be cleaned instantly. It likes to work silently, measuring at only 28 decibels, making it ideal for office spaces.

ENERGY EFFICIENT:Consumes between 40 and 120W, which is no big deal for something as powerful as this. For perspective, 8 hours of use per day will translate into just $15-43$ annually!

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