Omega CNC80S Compact Juicer

This is Omega's 7th Generation Nutrition System and the newest addition to its line of premium heavy-duty juicers featuring a clean, angled build supported by a sleek design language. It inherits all of the great features from the previous models whilst upgrading to a cleaner, more compact body and a larger funnel for faster feeding. Other than its elegant looks, the juicer is packed with a powerful motor which makes processing of all types of fruits and vegetables a breeze. Now follow a healthy diet for a new, healthier you. 

Packed with the versatility to do much more than just crushing fruits, celery, leafy greens and wheatgrass, the CNC80S does everything from beating nuts into nut butter to preparing baby food. The larger funnel makes feeding fruits and vegetables a lot easier. Such upgraded versatility ensures you won’t have to look for another juicer for many years to come. 

  • Requires Power Rating of 120V, 150W
  • Powered by 2HP, 80 RPM Motor
  • Horizontal design – renowned for producing higher juice yield
  • Boasts a sleeker, more compact design devoted to space-saving
  • Juicer crushes through softest to hardest of fruits and vegetables
  • Can be your go-to food processor, homogenizer, noodle maker and grinder
  • Extracts full taste and flavor, without compromising on nutritional value
  • Less foaming & no extra-heat for healthier diet
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Dimensions: 6 ½”W x 14 ½”D x 15 ½”H